Acquisition Support

Pre-Request for Proposal Stage Services:

  • Work with clients to identify their key services/products and areas in which current capabilities can be supplemented/grown (via acquisitions, teaming arrangements, personnel resources, organizational/technical/programmatic processes) to improve their competitive posture
  • Survey the market to assess emerging opportunities and assess opportunities against client capabilities and interests
  • Monitor and review pre-solicitation releases of draft RFP packages, Performance Work Statements/specifications
  • Revise/restructure Capability Briefings and other corporate presentations to maximize Government client interest
  • Monitor, attend and assess pre-solicitation RFI’s, advance planning briefings and industry day presentations to identify and obtain information on the scope of upcoming market opportunities
  • Prepare and continually update executive-level summaries for major acquisitions
  • Assist in drafting proposed changes to RFP documentation in coordination with clients to clarify ambiguities, and attempt to help shape critical acquisition requirements, specifications and evaluation criteria to maximize client’s competitive advantage
  • Assist in drafting Teaming Agreements
  • Enable clients to effectively formulate questions designed to elicit the most strategically useful answers during the Question and Answer process
  • Confer with various Government Acquisition and Legal Offices on potential solicitation-related issues/problems
  • Draft input for sole source justifications and Justification and Approval documents
  • Provide training on the Government’s proposal evaluation and source selection process, and other areas of interest
  • Analyze potential Organizational Conflicts of Interest issues, and draft Mitigation Plans
  • Provide counseling regarding use of small and small disadvantaged business programs, including service-disabled veteran-owned, and veteran-owned, small businesses.


Proposal Preparation Stage Services:

  • Analyze final solicitation (including delivery/task orders) requirements
  • Assist in the proposal management and preparation process to include reviewing requirements to demonstrate key strengths of the client team in fulfilling requirements or to identify strategies to overcome/mitigate weaknesses of client team (e.g. through teaming/strategic alliances, recruitment of personnel with required skills, implementation of training programs, etc.)
  • Provide teaming suggestions/recommendations, including the potential strengths and weaknesses of possible teaming partners to facilitate competitive team formation (with requisite technical, programmatic, past performance, socio economic characteristics and cost considered to maximize competitive value)
  • Perform in-depth proposal reviews to ensure compliance with, and comprehension of, solicitation requirements; participate in “Color Team” reviews
  • Identify potential proposal strengths, and ensure that the client’s “best story is told the best way”
  • Support strategic costing decision analysis to identify whether proposed quantity and mix of labor resources is consistent with technical approach, and maximizes strategic benefit
  • Assist in formulating responses to Government questions (to include Items For Negotiation and Requests for Final Proposal Revisions) to maximize the value of information received/competitive advantage
  • Provide support in interpreting and understanding the FAR, DFARS, VAAR and other agency supplements
  • Draft and review non-disclosure, subcontract and teaming agreements
  • Provide advice on the filing of protests in various forums


Post Award Stage Services:

  • Review and assist in responding to Government correspondence
  • Evaluate and analyze Government award decision documents and debriefing packages, including formulation of appropriate questions to fully understand the basis for the award decision
  • Provide advice on contract administration, performance, and interpretation issues
  • Provide advice on contractual disputes
  • Evaluate and make recommendations regarding “Changes” clause issues
  • Assist where appropriate in preparing requests for equitable adjustments (REAs) and certified claims
  • Provide analytical support and advice in defending subcontractor claims
  • Assist clients in analyzing contract performance, including providing support in assessment of various programmatic and technical performance measures/metrics used to track cost, schedule and technical performance
  • Advise clients on termination issues, including assessing and providing advice on responding to Cure Notices and Show Cause Letters
  • Monitor the status of ongoing Government Accountability Office protests and Federal Court litigation