Barbara Ferlise

Barbara has been with Ferlise and Associates, LLC since its inception in 2007 as their Chief Financial Officer. As CFO Barbara has direct oversight and responsibility for all financial related issues and transactions for Ferlise and Associates. In addition to being CFO Barbara also serves as the senior Contracts Manager for Ferlise and Associates. Prior to joining Ferlise and Associates, Barbara was an accountant at First Atlantic Federal Credit Union where she helped maintain the financial statements of the credit union. Prior to First Atlantic, Barbara was a para-legal to Victor J. Ferlise, Esq. during the 1970’s and 1980’s in his general law practice.

Barbara graduated cum laude from Georgian Court University with a BS in Accounting.  She obtained her CPA license in 2000.

Contact Information:

Phone: 732-255-5271
Mobile: 732-232-2107
Fax: 732-864-0810