Bud Carbonaro

Bud has 30 years experience working for the U.S. Army in a wide variety of technology areas. While at the CERDEC he has served as Project Leader (PL) for various Countermeasure research and development programs, including Infrared and Radio Frequency CM as well as Laser technologies for the protection of Army aircraft and ground vehicles. Bud also served as an ATD manager for the multispectral CM ATD. As PL and ATD manager, Bud was responsible for all aspects of research and development and coordinating various support activities. Bud has extensive experience supporting various PMs throughout his career. Bud has provided Q&RE support on PM FIREFINDER/REMBASS and PM MICNS. Supporting PM MC Bud worked on the development of software for Army Command and Control systems. While at PM BC served as BCME package lead for the FCS program. Throughout Bud’s career he has been involved in acquisition and contracting having served in key leadership positions on multiple Source selections.

Bud holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Farleigh Dickinson University (1979), a Masters in Business Administration from Farleigh Dickinson University (1987). Bud is also a graduate of the Army Intern Training Center for Quality and Reliability Engineering (1982).

Contact Information:

Phone: 732-380-7739
Mobile: 949-297-4413
Fax: 732-864-0810