Do you have questions about Federal Government Contracting?

Our team has the answers. Contact us about setting up a one-on-one training session where key personnel from your company will be invited to sit down with our team of experts to cover topics such as Formal Source Selection, Proposal Preparation Tips and Techniques, and/or Organizational Conflicts of Interest. In addition to answering any questions related to the presentation, the members of our team will be available to address any other questions your team has related to Federal Government Contracting or specific opportunities that you may be pursuing. All such discussions will be kept strictly confidential pursuant to a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Sessions can be purchased individually for a flat fee and are limited to 12 people.

* Training sessions are available to existing clients at no additional fee.

Please click below for more information on each topic area:

Formal Source Selection

Proposal Preparation Tips and Techniques

Organizational Conflicts of Interest