Formal Source Selection

This course is intended to provide a detailed and comprehensive introduction to the Federal Government’s source selection process that is employed in best value trade-off acquisitions including topics such as the distinctions between proposal evaluation and source selection, the development of the Evaluation Factors and the Basis for Award, the roles and responsibilities of the participants in the Source Selection Organization, briefings to the Source Selection Advisory Council and the Source Selection Authority, the trade-off process and the Source Selection Decision Document, Competitive Range Determinations, Meaningful Discussions, and Final Proposal Revisions.

In addition to answering any questions related to the presentation, the members of our team will be available to address any other questions your team has related to Federal Government Contracting or specific opportunities that you may be pursuing. All such discussions will be kept strictly confidential pursuant to a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Topics covered include:

  • What is Best Value?

    • Best Value Defined

    • Basis for Award

    • Effect on Acquisition

  • The Source Selection Process in Best Value Acquisitions

    • Competitive Negotiated Acquisition Process

    • Proposal Evaluation vs. Source Selection

    • Source Selection Plan

    • Evaluation Factors

    • Factor Weighting

    • Evaluation Criteria

    • Ratings

    • Proposal Instructions

    • Source Selection Plan

    • The Source Selection Organization

      • Roles and Responsibilities

      • Briefings to the Source Selection Advisory Council (SSAC) and the Source Selection Authority (SSA)

      • Source Selection Process Documentation

    • Trade-Off Process

    • Competitive Range Determinations

    • Meaningful Discussions

    • Final Proposal Revisions