Organizational Conflicts of Interest

This course is intended to enhance understanding regarding the three principal types of Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI), as well as methodologies for their potential mitigation. It explains why OCI issues, as well as the number of Government Accountability Office (GAO) protests that are filed concerning such issues, are increasing in frequency, and explores the responsibilities of Government officials, particularly the Contracting Officer, in proactively identifying and avoiding and/or mitigating these types of issues. The course also de-mystifies the “OCI conundrum”, highlights essential features of Corporate-level OCI Policies and acquisition-specific OCI Mitigation Plans, and provides guidance and warnings on how contractors can most effectively and successfully deal with OCI matters.

In addition to answering any questions related to the presentation, the members of our team will be available to address any other questions your team has related to Federal Government Contracting or specific opportunities that you may be pursuing. All such discussions will be kept strictly confidential pursuant to a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Topics covered include:

  • What is an Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI)?

  • Identification and Analysis of OCIs

  • Underlying OCI Principles

  • Three Types of OCIs

  • Why OCI Issues and Litigation are Increasing in Frequency

  • Contracting Officers’ Responsibilities

  • OCI Solicitation Provisions

  • Methods for Resolving OCIs

  • Basic Rule for Contract Awards

  • Waiver

  • Mitigation

  • Managing the OCI Conundrum

  • Corporate OCI Policy

  • OCI Mitigation Plans