Proposal Preparation Tips and Techniques

This course is intended to provide insights and tips to optimize company investments in proposal activities in terms of time, cost and award outcomes.  It offers practical and proven tips from staff who have worked as key leaders both as Government evaluators/advisors and consultants to industry over the past 30 plus years, overseeing proposal preparation and review activities across the Federal acquisition community.  It provides insights into processes that have proven effective in maximizing client win rates by defining/selecting an effective team, organizing and collecting data to rapidly identify key discriminators/win themes while ensuring a realistic allocation of effort.

In addition to answering any questions related to the presentation, the members of our team will be available to address any other questions your team has related to Federal Government Contracting or specific opportunities that you may be pursuing. All such discussions will be kept strictly confidential pursuant to a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Topics covered include:

  • Shaping requirements

  • Proposal team roles

  • Team formulation

  • Deep dive Interviews

  • Defining discriminators

  • Developing win themes

  • Color teams

  • Mock Evaluations

  • Past performance considerations

  • Small business Considerations

  • Basis of estimates & Realism analyses

  • Do’s and don’ts relative to proposal preparation