Business Growth and Divestiture

F&A can provide timely advice to companies that are out-growing their small business size or larger firms who wish to sell part or all of their business, or who are looking to diversify by acquiring companies.  Our experience can aid you in reviewing potential target companies to buy or can help you market your business for sale.  Frequently, the divesting of part or all of a business involves the transfer of Government contracts to the buyer.  As former Government acquisition lawyers, we have been involved in the novation of hundreds of contracts resulting in superior expertise in the Government’s role in, and rules for, novating contracts to help ensure that this complicated process runs smoothly.

We can also help companies with “size” issues.  The mixed blessing of a small company outgrowing its size brings unique challenges.  We can provide advice on everything from challenging a NAICS code decision encouraging the Government to select a more favorable NAICS code, to helping you draft newly required documents that will be necessary as a “no longer small” business like a Small Business Subcontracting Plan.  We can also help with the creation of Joint Ventures (JVs) to take advantage of the Small Business Administration’s (SBA’s) new “all small” Mentor-Protégé Program which permits a large business Mentor to create a JV with its small business Protégé to pursue small business set-asides.  We can help draft those Mentor-Protégé and JV Agreements to ensure the SBA’s requirements are met.

Our informed and responsive attention to your questions on all issues related to Government contracting is not only our most important priority, it’s our ONLY priority.